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Midea air-conditioning



   The United States was founded in 1968, now it has developed into a comprehensive enterprise, is one of the white goods production and export base in China most-scale, the United States is not only the top ten brands of air conditioning, and in many of the other top ten brands ranked , the United States is on the list, the United States is very rich variety of products, involving various industry-related fields, occupies a very broad commodity markets.




   Midea outdoor unit



Modules can be combined capacity of up to 64HP;
Using large-displacement super efficient DC inverter compressor;
High energy efficiency, the highest IPLV of 5.3;
Five oil return technology, stable and reliable;
Network control, intelligent and convenient;
The master unit starts, running back-up function, longer life;
Low noise, silent mode at night;
Wide operating range
Government office buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, factories, schools, hospitals, etc





   Midea indoor unit



   US duct machine features:
Slim, space-saving
Body thickness of only 24cm, small installation space required, without restriction storey, saving renovated space.
Return air design, flexible layout
The Plenum standard set 3OPa, flexible layout according to the characteristics of each room back to the wind.
Concealed installation, with decoration
The indoor unit take concealed installation mode, only the exposed portion of return vents. Can configure the appropriate outlet, air conditioning and decor make perfect fusion, demonstrated grade room