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   Daikin Industries, Ltd. since 1924 venture, continue to grow and develop. 1969 successfully developed the first outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units of household multi system air conditioning, home central air born. 30 years of world-renowned, and become active in a variety of areas of air conditioning, refrigeration, fluorine chemistry, electronics, hydraulic machinery and other multinational corporations, particularly in terms of air-conditioning refrigeration, product categories 5,000 kinds, the market share in Japan always maintain the first, it is the only set of air-conditioning, refrigerant and compressor development, production and sales of multinational corporations. Its main products include air conditioners, fluorine chemical products, hydraulic machines, electronic systems, semiconductor machinery.
Daikin central air conditioning, Daikin Group is one of the main products. Since 1995, China launched a comprehensive career since Daikin been around in China to establish a strong production, sales and service network, and set up a research and development center. With advanced technology and excellent quality, we established the status of the industry and professional, high-end brand image in China. Daikin central air conditioning into home central air conditioning and commercial central air conditioning. The first half of 2012, Daikin central air-conditioning sales of 8 billion, topped the share of 15.9%.




   Daikin outdoor unit


   Daikin air conditioning CMS system features
Especially for 150 to 5,000 square meters of medium / small business space design
DC transmission technology multi system refrigerant
Between indoor and outdoor unit is connected to the sub-pipe, can be combined
Using new refrigerant R410A, the system run more efficiently
Outdoor unit 10HP, 12HP, 14HP, 16HP and 18HP five kinds of capacity, can connect up to 15 indoor units (when connecting 18HP outdoor unit)
There are two kinds of specifications of the indoor unit, 6 capacity
Indoor / outdoor unit height difference of up to 50m (about the height of 10 storeys)
Indoor / outdoor unit maximum single pipe length of up to 120m, design freedom, ease of installation
Indoor / outdoor unit connecting up to 120%
1. Air conditioning master hidden in the ceiling, almost feel the presence of the air conditioner, adding a sense of high-grade business space, fashion sense.
2. Industry-leading 120m long pipe configuration, so you can choose according to the actual needs of the installation position of the outdoor unit, to avoid damage to the building facade.

3. The size of the area and function room use, etc., are free to choose to match the indoor unit capacity, so that "the amount of style clothes."
4. DC transmission technology, it is possible according to the change of the indoor traffic quickly adjust the output power of the outdoor unit, to "vary over time."
5. Each indoor unit can be controlled separately when the need to use air conditioning only local region, only the open air to the region, to reduce unnecessary extravagance, to "demand-controlled."
Hangzhou Daikin central air of quiet
6. Using a DC transmission technology, the indoor temperature control more accurate. The unique design of the indoor unit and tube length advantage, the flexibility to choose the right blowing position so quiet indoor air can be delivered each low.
7. The indoor unit low noise operation (down to 26 db), people almost feel the air conditioning operating noise.
8. The outdoor unit using a variety of quiet design, and parse through optimized airflow, run quieter.
Long promised within range (up to 120m), you can design the best of the indoor / outdoor layout and the need for their installation site.
9. The construction is simple, according to the actual need to partition / stage construction.
10. can independently control each indoor unit in the system, do not have the same time on / off.
11. The timing of the pipeline without cleaning, there is no need to configure a special system maintenance staff, management, and maintenance simple.
12. In the compressor, heat exchangers, refrigerant circuit adopted new technology, a full range of models COP of 3.2 to 3.7 for the compressor and the fan department implemented a new noise reduction measures to achieve the overall effect of the machine to solve the low-noise use a variety of topics, expand the operating range of the unit




   Daikin indoor unit


1. Daikin imported compressor, DC inverter technology;
2. Adopt the new R410A refrigerant, energy saving and environmental protection;
3. High stability unit, outdoor unit and the compressor running with dual back-up function;
4. The indoor unit strong line-up, a total of eight kinds of series, 56 kinds of capacities;
5. intelligent management;
6. In response to 140 square meters or more units designed to meet the air conditioning needs a larger area for composite, villas and other chamber.