Passengers What measures should be taken in case of an emergency

1 by alarm, intercom systems, mobile phones silently elevator car or help, such as patients or other critical situation inside the elevator car, it shall inform the rescue personnel.
2 and the elevator car door or car door open to maintain a certain distance, obey the command of managers.
In the first three rescuers arrived at the scene can not pry smashed elevator car door or climbing safety window, any part of the body must not protrude outside the elevator car.
4 remain calm, do knee action to mitigate the elevator stop suited.

When the elevator sudden power failure or malfunction and stop, the passengers trapped in the car should be how to do?

Passenger car within the elevator maintenance personnel should be notified, and patiently wait for rescue professionals came to the door release; because the normal non-stop elevator, the car may not stop at the floor level, so do not clawed out its own elevator door, to avoid passengers falling accident. (After the elevator is not leveling position, rescue professionals will first move the car to the floor level, and then open the door release).

Passengers were trapped in the elevator car should be how to save

We arrived at the scene rescue professionals should first determine the location of the elevator car and then to implement the rescue.

When the elevator car is not leveling the area, according to the following procedure to implement the rescue:
       1 to determine the location of the elevator car;
       2 Turn off the main power lift;
       3 by barring the movement of the car to the leveling position;
       4 The emergency unlocking key to open the elevator door, the car door;
       5 to divert passengers to leave the car, to prevent passengers from falls;
       6 Reconnect the elevator door, the car door closed;
       7 in the elevator at the entrance to the elevator setting disables signs.

In case of fire, emergency measures which should be taken

Now the alarm to the fire department.
1 Press the lift function have fire fire button to fire into the fire elevator running state, for firefighters to use; no fire function for an elevator, the elevator should immediately go straight to the first floor and cut off the power supply or the elevator stopped on the fire Not spread floors. After the passengers to leave the elevator car, the elevator stops running into state hands closed landing door of the elevator car, car door, lift off the total power supply.
2 hoistway or elevator car in case of fire, the ladder must immediately stop the flow of passengers to evacuate, turn off the power, with a fire extinguisher.
3 have shared an elevator hoistway case of fire, the rest should immediately stop the elevator has not been a fire in the area away from the fire spread, or to the firefighters for fire-fighting use.
4 adjacent building is on fire, the ladder should be stopped in order to avoid power outages due to fire people trapped accident.

When an earthquake occurs, what emergency measures should be taken.

Published earthquake prediction, emergency measures should be based on local people's government published decide whether the lift stop, when to stop.
Not issued before an impending earthquake prediction earthquake magnitude and intensity of a sudden a large earthquake once felt should immediately stop nearby ladder, the passengers quickly left the elevator car.
2 After the earthquake should be checked by a professional elevator and commissioning, rear resume normal use.