Company Introduction

   Quanzhou Rui Ze  Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd
   Quanzhou Rui Ze Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the central air conditioning, elevators, and other products. The company is marketing, design, installation, service as one of the efficient enterprise. As Japan's Mitsubishi air conditioning, McQuay, Gree, Midea and other domestic and international famous brands of air conditioning regional dealers, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. dealer.
   The company established a professional elite team unity, to provide professional design, installation and quality service for customers to create a comfortable air-conditioned environment.
Rui Ze mechanical and electrical adhere to the people-oriented strategic approach, actively introduce advanced technology under the premise of efforts to improve each and every employee of the business and technical levels, the company has established a comprehensive training system to learn, to complete the company's employees for training increase, from time to time provide an opportunity for training or equipment factory trained staff, provide a broad development space for every employee.
Our service philosophy:
   Ru Ze i Electrical and Mechanical Service Mission: customer satisfaction;
   Rui Ze  Electrical and Mechanical Services Standards: seriously be completely satisfied.
Professional design: engineering design phase, Ze Rui mechanical and electrical engineers dispatched to actively participate in the design and construction liaison coordination to ensure the smooth professional design and follow-up work, this work has been extended to determine the final construction drawings.
Specialized construction and installation: pre-construction, our technical staff will conduct inspection on the basis of installed base construction drawings, the unit in place and ensure smooth installation. Construction, our technical engineers will be on-site supervision and guidance. Until the end of the installation. After installation, technical engineers collaborative installation personnel before commissioning checks to ensure that the air conditioning system is safe and reliable, and debug work.
Quality of service:
   Our professional service team will provide customers with the best quality service and mature customer file management system.
Our service objectives: the maintenance of nulling, maintenance of focus; that is early in the design and installation process, taking into account every possible negative factors, eliminating maintenance after completion of the project, which will be more human and material resources into the customer's regular maintenance in.