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The future development direction of China's elevator industry


In recent years, the domestic elevator industry is developing rapidly, the company's products in the domestic elevator technology, performance, quality and large foreign enterprises almost simultaneously, to accelerate the rise of independent brands elevator. Conservation-oriented society of the Government, as well as the market for a new generation of green energy-saving elevator growing demand in 2012 will continue to drive the powerful lift to the energy-saving direction.
Elevator Industry Review and Prospects
In 2011, the market size of the elevator industry's rapid growth, the growth concentrated in the second and third tier cities and small towns; and some large enterprises due to the installation of production capacity bottleneck constraints, give up some orders. SMEs get more orders, and its market share rose to 40%.
Currently, the Ministry of Construction released data show that in 2012 will be completed by 7 million sets of real estate, completed 5 million units of affordable housing, for a total gross floor area increased by 10%; the same time, the industry's first-quarter orders grew 16%. Effect of comprehensive macro-control policies and other factors, market growth forecast for this year by 10%. However, China's elevator industry is also facing some problems: design, configuration, and marketing of extreme homogeneity; installers starved, poor installation quality, frequent accidents; maintenance business development difficulties.
Large market, urbanization has become a huge driving force for the development of the elevator industry; through a comparative study, China's elevator holdings likely to reach 500 million to 10 million units of the scale, will form a stable maintenance and updating of the market after 10 years. In the elevator control system, network control and PMSM drag has become the standard configuration; future control technology development will include functional safety, Internet-based remote monitoring and control (SCADA) and maintenance of expert systems, digital hoistway system UCMP, security wireless network, the new man-machine interface, critical situations elevator application technology to improve safety and reliability. At the same time, faced with a large number of introduction of new standards, we must continue to develop new technologies to meet the new European Machinery Directive and the Lift Directive.
Elevator control system security risks and countermeasures
Our country is a manufacturing country elevator, the elevator is the largest ownership country. With the manufacture and installation standards and testing procedures of continuous improvement, elevator failure probability declining. However, the elevator control system still faces many problems, for example, many SMEs do not have the core technology and innovation, only the elevator as a device that is simple, there is no system concepts and integrated solutions; the elevator core components of price transparency, product homogeneity; market competition and installation maintenance personnel, regardless of good and bad growing; equipment components with aging and deterioration of the environment, climate, elevator control system, a large number of security risks will gradually exposed; the serious deterioration of the climate control system software design flaws and lift lifecycle internal component aging and other problems.
If a single response measures in terms of control technology, the elevator security will face a lot of uncertainty system problems. Therefore, the principle of priority should be to lift troubleshooting humane care, the first to use a variety of means, such as emergency lighting power supply to the car, play soft music and tones, etc., exempt passengers face the fear of death. Second, we should take advantage of new technologies and other wireless communication devices and network integration innovation emergency in most troubleshooting in a short time, such as emergency device using SMS automatically sends fault elevator location, number, etc. to the service companies, technical director in charge of the property and other personnel; dimension insurance company in the shortest time to the scene, troubleshooting; elevator company to monitor real-time tracking network troubleshooting situations; Troubleshooting credit of product lifecycle management or lifecycle management database, which is particularly important export elevator.