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Hitachi Elevator (China) the true water treatment: the elevator industry into the Silver Age


By 2015, over the years known as the fundamentals of the "golden (1221.60,11.50,0.95%) Age" China elevator industry is broken, especially in the real estate industry, the depth of macroeconomic adjustments under China's elevator industry quietly entered a "silver ( 15.29,0.11,0.72%) era ", presents new ladder orders declined year on year, which is the first turning point in the development of large industry since 2000. Faced with fierce competition in the industry, we are also actively adjust the pace of strategy, by strengthening internal control and to accelerate product development, and other initiatives to strengthen front-line support, Hitachi Elevator in 2015 still maintained a good performance.
In 2016, the market adjustment will continue, new orders for the short term is difficult to pick up the ladder. Even difficult, but still found the elevator company's direction - by the manufacturing companies transition to service-oriented manufacturing enterprises. On the one hand the market requires manufacturers to be able to lift the leading edge closer to the user, providing fast to meet customer demand for new product elevator; on the other hand, with the growth of China's elevator market and the mature market after the lift - to maintenance, renovation led service opportunities have been presented to us.
After 20 years of deep secret agents, Hitachi Elevator in 2015 ushered in a breakthrough in China sold 500,000 units moment in history, 2016 will be the beginning of our next milestone. For the current Hitachi Elevator is to achieve long-term sustainable development, the amount is not the only target Taiwan chasing us, the future will be filled with more possibilities, high-yield service-oriented enterprises is our future strategic direction.
In addition, the "Made in China 2025" development plan formally introduced, indicating that the manufacturing sector will usher in the golden period of the policy during the "Thirteen Five", "Internet + Lift" mode or will become the new normal, intelligent elevator manufacturing enterprise development, was networking, e-commerce will become the direction elevator companies "two of integration" of the new trend. Thus, 2016 is a year of opportunities and competition coexist, is still worth the wait.