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Winter heating central air-conditioning system


   Central air conditioning and refrigeration system usually consists of screw chillers, refrigeration pumps, cooling pumps, chilled water supply pump, the cooling tower fill pumps, cooling towers, air handling units, fan coil components. That winter, central air conditioning and heating composition which comprises it? If the screw chiller, heating only heat recovery, heat recovery there are several, the plate heat exchanger and general circular heat exchanger, of course, this is not high temperature recovery, it might want to use electric heating by holding tank, and then by the heat pumps, etc., etc. temperature to the set temperature after the heating is stopped; the four-way valve to control the heating system in the case of air-cooled, with the average household's heating and air conditioning the principle is similar.


  In fact, when heating and cooling the same; also need heat, circulating pumps, fans. The heat source is swapped, the cooling tower no. Single cold type, then the composition should include heating, a heat source (may be a boiler, or municipal central heating, etc.), heat exchanger, and then is the end, and with the end of the heating cooling system should be public. If the heat pump, the cooling and heating should be the same, just a different way valve controlling the flow of refrigerant. If it is the same building, air conditioning, heating and share a conveyor system, central air conditioning system consists of heating boilers (heat exchanger), circulation pump, fill water pumps, air handling units, fan coil units and other components.
      Previously visited a mall central air-conditioning, refrigeration use screw summer cooling and winter using a proprietary thermal heating boiler, hot water circulating pump, and cold water in the boiler room the principle is similar room, but before switching to adjust some of the water pipe valve winter mode and summer mode switching.