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Correct use of central air conditioning can prolong life


First, the use of windows and doors to be locked, otherwise it will leak indoor hot or cold, increasing the power consumption of air conditioning work. But not avoid long-term use of air conditioning is not ventilated, this provision is limited to the short term to raise the indoor temperature conditions.
Second, the use of the air conditioner should be non-smoking room. Otherwise, moisture and smoke in the air conditioning formed nicotine, corrosive air conditioners. Thus forming a vicious circle will, lead to smoke indoors and clothing.
Third, non-air-conditioned room temperature and the degree of the gap is too large, resulting in air-conditioning power consumption; rationally regulate the fan speed to facilitate saving.
The use of a heat pump air conditioner, when the outdoor heat exchanger as an evaporator, when the ambient temperature is generally low, even lower than 5 ℃, the outdoor heat exchanger is easily covered with frost, affecting heat transfer, so that the system heat a sharp decline in the future, to the outdoor heat exchanger defrosting process. The method is to run the air conditioner from the heating to cooling operation, the outdoor heat exchanger from the evaporator to the condenser, the use of the refrigerant condensing heat released when defrosting. It should cut off the fan circuit, do not let the cold wind blowing through the room. Defrost end, resume heating operation.


Fifth, if the air conditioner unused for long periods, should cut off the power supply. If you have a remote control, remote control battery should be removed.
Sixth, the temperature does not have to be too low. Skin critical temperature is 33 ℃, 33 ℃ higher than felt hot, below the cool feel. When the temperature is 25 ℃, 50% relative humidity, air flow rate of 0.15M / S, the body in the normal state of thermal equilibrium, people feel very comfortable. Thermostat too low both costs of electricity and uncomfortable.
Seven, should use thicker curtains to keep as short as possible through the connecting pipe filters are clean and split air conditioner outdoor unit and an indoor unit between the sun and the outdoor unit stamped cover beneficial saving.
Eight new wind should not normally open switch, otherwise the massive outflow of cold air, waste of energy.