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Gree home central air conditioning into the smart times


The end of 2014, Gree launched photovoltaic inverter direct drive and multi-line stealth home central air conditioning, and the industry launched the first "six pack repair" service commitment, so heroic feat in the industry caused quite a stir. In May this year, Gree win, won the China's central air-conditioning market share of the first, which is the fourth consecutive year the honor Gree, air-conditioning market to invest to give blockbuster. Recently, Gree home central air conditioning will announce its full range of popular smart, intelligent era of open air, let Gree "air conditioning King" label gift of gold.


  Moment: Chi Union control, the popularity of the full range of home central air conditioning
Power Gree won this year China's central air-conditioning market share in the first throne, is most proud of Gree central air conditioning, and among the smart home central air conditioning also contributed. "Smart home central air conditioning will be the main push in recent years, Gree products," according to Gree brand leader, said, "This is not only because such Gree smart home central air conditioning into a lot of R & D and marketing costs, mainly taking to the overall market demand. today the market demand for smart appliances is very enthusiastic, they are ideal for the air conditioning no longer confined to the positioning of the cooling air, customization and other traditional functions, they desire to have more representative of modern air conditioning, Gree intelligent home central air conditioning can be achieved at home, while upgrading the air conditioning performance smartphone terminal connections allow consumers to enjoy personalized service intelligent air-conditioning era, I believe that the middle of play into the hands of consumers. "

It is understood that Gree smart home central air conditioning is controlled by Gree cloud connected together with air conditioning, a home router, mobile phone or pad and other terminal equipment, to achieve intelligent control handset. Gree mobile client download Zhaopin APP after configuration by a key and register your phone with complete air conditioning Internet, thereby freely control the start and stop of household air-conditioning, temperature profiles and other functions.

"Office workers busy in the morning to go out, forgot to turn off air conditioning, no return, be able to use their mobile phones switched off; during working hours can glance home air conditioner switch condition; think about the class to go home will be able to enjoy the cool Qinxin can be set on the way to work a good home air conditioning temperature, mode, you can go home and enjoy now this technology has been applied to the full range of home central air conditioning Gree, can provide these intelligent elements for the consumer, it is very attractive market selling point, given the current air-conditioning brands can do this technique is not much, and therefore a great opportunity to Gree head start. "Gree brand introduced the person in charge.

Future: from automatic climate control to smart home

As the leading developer and manufacturer of air-conditioning, Gree tirelessly to promote intelligent air conditioning technology innovations for smart home central air conditioning is no longer just an air conditioner, or Gree smart home central air conditioning system, "part", which marks the launch of Gree first step towards intelligent household appliances, intelligent home life to provide epoch-making possible.

It is understood that Gree smart home central air-conditioning system will bring more convenience to people's lives, in which home-based multi-line system, the radiation major appliances home improvement, to achieve intelligent home management, home appliances without manual operation, human after defining the profile, all appliances can be scheduled; You can also use your smartphone or temporary artificial manipulator control, greatly improved the life and work of convenience; or with Gree PV multi-line system, intelligent energy management, automatic monitoring of electricity use, all electrical appliances at a glance, planning household electricity, to achieve "no electricity", from the application to the electricity distribution planning, multi-angle presentation "smart home" new attitude.

Gree smart home central air conditioning will be applied to intelligent multi technology after photovoltaic Gree central air conditioners, refrigerators, small appliances, Gree will form a unique home energy intelligent control systems, home appliances control free peace of mind, forming a green energy home system, which Gree smart home concept, but also the future direction of Gree smart home systems, home appliances interconnection, freedom control will greatly simplify the convenience of human life.

In recent years, Gree continue to achieve dazzling honors in central air conditioning and not just because of the huge market share, innovation and technological development, driven by the continuous development of high-quality home appliances make Gree air conditioner market has become China Central champion regulars, the "new masterpiece" Gree smart home central air conditioning will probably be the end of 2014, following another line PV multi-frequency stealth and home central air conditioning after the waves caused by the industry's "dark horse", the industry has been interpreted as the outcome of more central air-conditioning industry. " new normal. "