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Midea air-conditioning blowing "energy universal" wind


2003, "health" has become common practice in the air conditioning market in 2004, "energy" and as the nationwide electricity shortage sped to. Then, the "energy efficiency" Refresh recorded sound in the air conditioning industry after another, air conditioning bigwigs you Changba me play, but consumers in foggy: I believe in the end who? Who should I buy the product? Not long ago, the United States air-conditioning giant new conference in 2005 first proposed the concept of "energy saving universal". China Household Electrical Appliances Association director Huo Du Fang spoke highly of the US air-conditioning machines are the first to advocate the "Looking for the best price and energy balance" approach that this expensive than conventional fixed-speed machine is only a few hundred dollars of energy-saving air-conditioning is in line with consumers buy practical.


S-proposed "universal energy saving", the air conditioning industry, other companies have followed suit in various forms.
US air-conditioning first proposed "energy saving universal", and indeed for the development of energy-saving air conditioner market in China has opened up a new way feasible, other companies follow-up is confirmed this point. However, in addition to the United States "V-type machine," the market a truly universal energy-saving technology products are not many, most or high energy efficiency, high-priced machine concept. The simple imitation "universal energy saving" the starting point of the consumer product concept is also being accompanied by a number of lost its original meaning. Sino research company "the 2004 air conditioner market survey" found that the current domestic consumers for energy conservation significance, energy efficiency, and energy efficiency standards is still poorly understood.
In September this year, "energy efficiency" Digital grandiose phenomenon escalating when the US air-conditioning in public first announced the implementation of energy efficiency on the Beijing International Energy Forum, allow consumers to clearly see each US air-conditioning energy efficiency in the end how much; now, when the "energy saving universal" caused consumers to follow suit and the lack of awareness of energy conservation, the US air-conditioning in a literacy consideration will be November 27, 28, Gome, Suning, Dazhong and Yongle HyperTerminal conduct activities massive "energy literacy week", saving the authority to invite national experts to explain to consumers energy-saving knowledge, improve awareness of energy saving and common sense of the people.
China National Institute of Standardization Li Aixian director pointed out, an energy-efficient universal society, not just the need for government norms and guidelines, but also the United States of air-conditioning and other leading enterprise cooperation and support, but we need every citizen, every family, from what I do since, save electricity, save energy. Coming from the United States Air active joint national HyperTerminal sponsored events "energy literacy Week", reflects the US air-conditioning good civic awareness, reflected as a domestic air-conditioning leading brand, US air-conditioning, in social responsibility have come in the industry forefront.